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About Facets

A diverse and unique online magazine.

Our magazine

Facets moves beyond traditional notions of diversity by featuring content that appeals to open-minded men and women with diverse interests. From fashion, food and travel features, to profiles of unique individuals with alternative lifestyles, our online-only, bimonthly publication is the magazine for people who cast aside what's expected and embrace their diverse life.

Our story

Facets’ origins date back to our founder and editor in chief Brittany Abeijon’s college days. After the idea came to her in her sleep (literally), she furiously wrote down the details on a piece of yellow notebook paper. Upon graduating college and getting a corporate communications job, Abeijon kept her idea for the magazine front of mind until she discovered the best way to make it happen.

She began by handpicking the best team to help her. In the fall of 2010, Abeijon pitched the idea of starting a magazine to her friends and co-workers Tom Salek, Rachel Kosmal, Lynn W. Conway and Jay Harvey. After more than eight months of planning and expanding the team to include graphic designers Melissa Griffin and Ashley Johnston, Facets launched its premiere issue in August 2011.